Can I have An Apricot Tea, with a dash of Hunk?

Since quitting my job a month ago I wake up every morning at about 7:30 ish and read or write in bed for about an hour…sometimes two. I know, what a life, right? After getting ready and having breakfast I walk over to a Coffee Bean to work on my part-time computer job for 3-5 hours. The Bean is conveniently located right around the corner from my apartment and I go in there so often that all of the baristas know me by name. Which at first made me blush but now I’m quite fond of it- not only because I adore them but also because it makes me feel as if I’m in a smaller town than I actually am.
Usually my time at The Bean is uneventful but I do like to people watch so as always I find ways of entertaining myself. At least once a week I have a deeply humorous conversation with a bazaar stranger who makes me ponder what it means to be alive. Why just the other afternoon a lady got so comfortable with me that she told me she thought I was too doubtful of myself and that I wouldn’t be successful until I got over that. In my head I was thinking, “Who.In.The.Hello.Do.You.Think.You’re.Talking.To.Miss.Rude?” But then I figured her dirty foul mouth was probably caused by some insecurity and that she most likely just needed someone to listen to her speak, something I’m very good at. Besides I typically like being approached as it reminds me I’m still giving off a friendly vibe.
So with all of the boringness and people watching I do on a daily basis I had a little fun surprise tossed at me today. It came in the order of a tall, dark, and handsome man who completely threw me for a loop. No, we didn’t have a deep conversation that made think about what it means to be alive, but yes.. he did make me think, six hours later.. and I’m still thinking.
The conversation with Mr. Hunk went something like this:

Mr. Hunk: What are you working on?
Me: Marketing stuff (smile)
Mr. Hunk: Gosh you have a beautiful smile and look how sweet your eyes are! You can really tell what kind of heart someone has by their eyes.

***Inner thoughts: He must have stolen that first part from the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, how creative…***

Next he sat down right in front of me and said:

Mr. Hunk: Okay, we’re going to have a two-minute date because I have to leave soon to go box but I still want to talk to you. So first things first, lets be facebook friends, next what’s your favorite ice-cream and why, and how would you describe yourself.”

****Inner thoughts: Holy smokes, this guy is crazy brave and I’m completely fascinated.****

Of course this first encounter pleased me, the bastard used the oldest trick in the book, flattery as a way to my heart. After our two minutes were up he actually stood to his feet and walked out of The Bean to go box his little heart out, leaving me at a table all by my lonesome. I felt almost embarrassed by the silence of sitting there by myself in a coffee shop full of people who had just witnessed my romantic endeavor. What a shock it was to be spoken to like that. The most I could do was stare at my computer screen and pretend to work. An hour later he shows up again and this time he wants to get to know me a little better. We sat and chatted for about 15 minutes before he had to leave again, not to box but for work. During our minutes together he told me about his career as a counselor, his family, and hobbies—in return I told him very little about myself. To be completely honest; he terrified me. No, it wasn’t on the basis of him being a jerk but on account of his communication style being very unfamiliar. What a strange thought… I don’t like a man because he communicates better than me? And just so you know.. I’m Miss Communicate so he surely had to be Lord Communicate. His game was so strong that he didn’t even give me enough time to digest what he was feeding me. Yes, it was exciting and I love a confidant man but once he left I felt very uneasy and drained. Later I did what most girls my age would do, I turned to google for more answers. As it turns out from my extremely legit and extensive research I found that he professionally teaches men how to communicate and woo women. I imagine his job to be similar to that of Will Smiths in the film Hitch. Wait a minute… was I just a game to prove his own point that his tactics work? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out… or maybe we won’t…. fingers crossed I don’t see him again at The Bean.


15 thoughts on “Can I have An Apricot Tea, with a dash of Hunk?

  1. What’s that Sally? A man was a complete jerk and teaches these techniques….. lame… Men should learn not to be jerkish and pushy…cause that well is terrible communication. I think I’d prefer someone who stumbles over his words.. but thats me. But definitely intriguing . Staying tuned for sure!

  2. As I read your post I was thinking about the jerk from Hitch. Hope this guy isn’t a stalker in the making. Will the baristas be your bodyguards?
    thanks for stopping by my NaNo post.
    Blue Skies,

  3. I vote no. Take the compliments he gave you, but he seems pretty desperate… and the fact that he came back 😦 I very much dislike him. He seems like a tool. You wouldn’t go up to a hot guy and say stuff like that would you? Can you see yourself dating a guy like that? It’s not so much confidence as arrogance! Are you God’s gift to woman? Oh yeah… no. Hitch was endearing, we wanted to like him; even when stuff wasn’t going his way, and when the audience didn’t know why he was doing what he was doing he was loveable.

    At least he hit on you and not another girl 🙂

  4. I’m with AIMEEMO, too smooth. but then again they say we gals complain about everything..
    He can’t help that he’s got epic comm skills so, I think it’s up to you to not be intimidated by them… The Bean- Season1 Episode 2… I’m tuned in.

    p.s. thanks for coming by and following

  5. The romantic in me likes that a tall, dark and handsome guy approaches a woman and initiates an interesting conversation such as this, but the cynic in me see’s the whole thing as rude and annoying and over-the top. Like, this is not a movie. Get real dude. But…either way, good story, I wish my coffee shop life was just as interesting. haha!

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