Love Is In The Air –Literally It’s Floating Over Santa Monica Beach!

A friend of mine, who we shall call Samantha, was in a terrible relationship for almost five years with a fat man who had a big chip on his shoulder. This past summer after realizing that not only was she not in love with Mr. Big Pants but that he treated her like pure shit, she got the cahoonas to up and leave him. (Bravo, bravo) Once she decided to exit all of her proceeding steps became so easy and her inner strength took over, she felt as if she were alive again. It’s lovely when those moments of clarity appear; our choices and paths become so obvious and uncomplicated. Yet, more times than not it takes something significantly bad to happen in our lives in order for there to be movement towards a brighter and stronger course. My comments to friends in these types of situations is almost always, “when you know better you do better” which is a statement I first heard from Oprah Winfrey and have never forgotten.  (And yes… I just quoted Oprah!) So now that little Sam-Sam knew better you better believe that she did better, a whole lot better.

The next thing that happened was almost out of a Hollywood movie, she caught the eye of her perfect man at a birthday party and has been weak at the knees for him ever since. Not only is he tall, dark, and handsome but he’s sweet and loving towards her as well. Their first date was dinner followed by a midnight stroll down the Santa Monica Beach, where they lit Chinese lanterns and stayed up for most of the night talking and kissing. Even though Samantha and Prince Charming have a steady and wonderful relationship full of dreamy dates and fun moment, she still sometimes questions his kindness not because it’s unconvincing but because of her past. On several occasions I’ve heard her say, “Is this guy for real? He’s too good to be true.” My heart goes out to her since it does come as a bit of a surprise when a man of our day shows a little chivalry, so perhaps it’s one part her past and one part the way our society raises men.

The other night Samantha was telling us girls how she was sick as a dog at his house and accidentally fell asleep, which caused her to forget to move her car from a parking restricted zone. An accident that us Los Angelesians know is very stressful because of the parking Nazis who hand out $60 tickets for the slightest offense like its candy on Halloween. Anyhow, she woke up in a panic searching for her keys, cursing under her breath before she was interrupted by Prince Charming’s princely voice saying, “Samantha, I set the alarm earlier this morning and moved your car for you, go ahead and rest.” Excuse me Prince Charming, what did you just say? You took care of it? Go ahead and rest? How did he know to just do that?! Okay ladies, we can all say it at once, “Awe that’s so sweet, why can’t I have that?”  Or if you’re like some of the other women I’ve told this story to, whose reaction I find extremely humorous, your tune isn’t a song of  “awwe” but rather, “what the fuck, how’d she get so lucky?” Jelly much, girl? … yeah me too!  On that note it’s ironic how when a gal is heartbroken or single all she hears about or sees are couples in love; God clearly has a good sense of humor.

As a hopeless romantic I’ve been searching high and low for a man with traits similar to that of Prince Charming and have come up empty handed. Which forces me to think that things don’t come into your life until you are ready for them. Samantha and Prince Charming’s bond wouldn’t have ever been possible before the night of that birthday party where they first locked eyes; it was as if fate brought them together. In my heart I believe that different people come in and out of our lives to teach us something and when their purpose is completed they leave. So if you’re like me and haven’t had that one true love come into your life yet, it’s probably because you still have shit to learn, champ. What’s the moral of this story you might ask? Don’t look for love, as hard as it may be, have some patience. Things come to you when you least expect them but when you’re most ready for them. NOW, how utterly romantic and exciting is that?!


11 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air –Literally It’s Floating Over Santa Monica Beach!

  1. What a great article. Was with a terrible man for too many years and finally walked away. Best decision I ever made. Found a wonderful man and in a good relationship now. It can happen!

  2. I found my husband when I stopped looking… In fact I made a pledge that I would take a time out. A month later I met my husband, three months later we moved in together and we just got married after 2 yrs together. I use this example to demonstrate how it can be really good not to be disciplined and I really can eat that extra piece of cake. 😉

  3. Absolutely true. All the great loves in my life (yes, I do believe in more than one) came when I definitely was not looking. Good luck and hope you write about it when he does appear

  4. I was taking a break from men and dating, one I intended to be very long. But my friend set me up on a blind date with my own Prince Charming (yes, he is that kind of guy) and I never looked back. That was 23 years ago. Don’t give up Sally!

  5. I’d been in a relationship with a lovely guy for seven years but it ended when I was 29. He was lovely, handsome, kind, sex was great but I realised we didn’t have ‘it’ at my best friend’s wedding, when I saw the way she and her husband looked at each other. Fast foward a year to another wedding and there I locked eyes with a man and knew almost instantly that he was ‘my husband’. Keep the faith. X

  6. aww This story is sweet, and I can relate all too well!! I had went through the list of tool bags before I finally found my knight in shining armor. You are definetly right! God gives us all the bad, bitter, apples so when we get the sweet one we know what we have got.

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